Top 2 Lawn Care Services, Bloomington, Ellettsville, Springville, IN

Top 2 Lawn Care Services

Lawn Care Services, Bloomington, IN Professional lawn care services include routine maintenance and less frequent services to keep your lawn looking great all year. When you hire Thrasher Landscaping, Inc, to take care of your lawn, you'll get a crew with the knowledge and experience to get the job done right. They can keep the quality and health of your grass.

When looking for a lawn maintenance company, here are the top two services you should prioritize; fertilization, insect and weed control:


Applying fertilizer on a lawn on a regular basis helps it thrive. Most lawn care services recommend fertilizing your lawn anywhere from three to six times annually. One can choose from fast-release synthetic, slow-release synthetic, or slow-release natural fertilizer.

Grass receives an immediate surge of nutrients from a fast-release fertilizer, resulting in rapid growth and greening. However, if your grass grows at a rapid rate, they may not have enough energy to develop strong roots. Lawns that are fed fast-release fertilizer five to six times a year may suffer from a weak root system and dry out in the summer.

Slow-release synthetic fertilizers provide lawns with a more consistent and gradual supply of nutrients, but this comes at the cost of delayed results since some formulations may not have a noticeable effect for weeks until the weather is favorable or the fertilizer has mixed well with the nutrients already present in the soil.

Slow-release Natural fertilizers include all non-laboratory-produced fertilizers. Common examples include manure, treated sewage, and fish emulsion.

Weed & Insect Control

The best way to get rid of weeds is to use turfgrasses to make a thick enough cover to outcompete them. Weeds are less likely to grow on a healthy lawn full of grass because the weeds can't compete with the grass. With the right amount of mowing and seeding, you can get a lawn that has almost no weeds.

Most pre-emergent herbicides should only be applied to a newly seeded lawn once the desired grasses have matured. Because it is impossible to predict where weed grasses will sprout, pre-emergent herbicides must be applied to the entire lawn. Although pre-emergent herbicides cannot control broadleaf weeds like dandelions and clover, they can be eradicated with post-emergent herbicides that are safe for desirable grasses.

During peak insect seasons, lawn care companies commonly apply insecticides. As a result, there will be fewer unscheduled service calls and fewer customers who will be forced to replace a significant portion of their lawns during the off-season. Most lawn care services allow you to choose the services you need and design a customized lawn care plan that you renew each year if required.

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