Lawn Care Programs, Bloomington, Ellettsville, Harrodsburg IN

Lawn Care Programs

Do you have a lawn care program in place for this year?
We offer three programs to help keep your lawn weed free and fertilized throughout the year!

Premium Lawncare

  • Premium grade slow release fertilizers that are low in salts.
  • Quality weed control that produces excellent results.
  • Weeds are mostly spot treated as needed rather than blanket applications.
  • Promotes healthy root systems.
  • Crabgrass prevention.
  • 5 applications per year.
  • Auto-renews yearly.

Organic Advantage

Includes Organic foods.

  • Naturally creates an environment where less herbicide is needed to achieve a weed free lawn.
  • Natural insect suppression using beneficial bacteria and natural botanical oils to create healthy conditions.
  • Food sources for microbial activity insuring the breakdown if organic matter.
  • Natural fungus and disease suppression.
  • Greatly improves root development.
  • Grub Control
  • Rejuvenates soil structure, reduces compaction, and protects ground water.
  • Crabgrass prevention.
  • Safe for kids, and pet.
  • 5 applications a season.
  • Auto-renews yearly

Organic Advantage Plus

  • Includes Everything that you see in our Organic Advantage Program in addition to….
  • 4% water soluble organic nitrogen to improve lawn growth and thickness.
  • 2% soluble Potash to help withstand stresses such as drought, heavy foot traffic, and disease.
  • 7% Blackstrap Molasses to give your lawn quick surges of energy and inspires growth of beneficial microorganisms.
  • Super Green Iron to allow your lawn to produce larger amounts of chlorophyll to keep your lawn at its greenest color.
  • 2 Applications Per Year
  • Auto-renews yearly