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Lawn Care

ARE YOU HAPPY WITH YOUR LAWN? Proper lawn care does not require a PhD but it does require attention to detail as well as regular maintenance and fertilization. Many people tend to underestimate the importance of having well-maintained, healthy grass that is free of weeds and guarded from insects and grubs. Great looking lawns increase property values and curb appeal.

Whether you don’t have time to manage your lawn or you simply have better things to do, let the professionals at Thrasher Landscape, Inc. take care of it for you. Our customers are very satisfied with their results….


Satisfied Customer

Our 5 application lawn care programs produce great results giving you a thick and healthy looking lawn. Our Organic Advantage program uses organic foods and uses less herbicide to achieve a weed free lawn making it safe for kids and pets. Our Premium and Organic Lawn care programs both include crabgrass prevention and quality weed control which help produce excellent results.

We offer aeration and over seeding services, grub control and lime application as well. Our experts can help you decide what’s best for your lawn and when to implement each service to get the healthiest, best looking lawn you’ve ever had.

FOR MORE INFORMATION call our office at 812-325-4594 to schedule a free lawn care quote and make your lawn look the best it ever has.

We service Bloomington, Indiana.