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Creating an extraordinary landscape is hard enough as it is, but it is equally difficult to keep its beauty, functionality, and tip-top shape over the years. And here at Thrasher Landscape, Inc., we can help you realize your dream landscape setting and maintain its beauty and function all year round. While there are several companies that render similar services as ours, we nonetheless distinguish ourselves by offering affordable and comprehensive landscaping assistance to property owners.

With our decades of doing business in Indiana, we have handled practically every imaginable landscaping task. We’re lucky to have in-house crews who are creative, passionate, and highly skilled at their respective crafts. We also have complete equipment and reliable partnerships with various suppliers and manufacturers of landscaping materials. Thrasher Landscape, Inc. is among Indiana’s leading landscape contractors, so you’re assured of top-notch service and outstanding results. Please call us now at (812) 325-4594 to learn more about the services that we provide.

Lawn Care

Your lawn is an extension of your home and your personality. Keeping it in its top condition requires much more than regular watering. Everyone loves to maintain a lush and green lawn that is well trimmed, healthy, thick, and stays so throughout the growing season. Professional lawn care is the only way to maintain a lawn that looks and stays healthy all year long. We at Thrasher Landscaping, Inc. provide comprehensive lawn and landscape care services, as well as weed control and fertilization services in Southern Indiana. Our lawn care program focuses on overall lawn health with a heavy focus on soil health. By adding in natural materials into our mix at every application we are able to lower the amount of pesticides used on a property while maintaining good color and keeping the weeds at bay. Our crew of experienced and licensed lawn specialists begin the process by helping you select the proper seed mixture and take the steps for proper lawn prep. Then, they will use specialized equipment to sow seeds directly into the soil. Their experience and expertise allows them to ensure proper seed-soil contact. This is much more effective and smarter compared to throwing seeds over bare spots...
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As property owners ourselves, we’re always excited to help our clients materialize their long-sought dream landscape setting. Whether the client demands an idyllic theme or a modern set-up, we’re here to offer professional landscaping services at competitive rates. Whenever we’re tapped to handle landscape installations, we always ask our clients their expectations, budget, and discuss with them the possibilities in terms of the amenities that we can include or the design/theme that we will adopt. For example, we differentiate the aesthetic merits of a modern landscape setting versus the Old World design theme. We also suggest other great add-ons such as landscape lighting, sitting walls, water features, and native plantings. We never settle for the ordinary because we know that our clients deserve a fine-looking and well-appointed landscape.
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Landscape Maintenance

As mentioned, keeping a landscape spic and span, functional, and attractive requires a great deal of hard work on a continuing basis. As such, you should only entrust your landscape maintenance needs to professionals like us since we have crews who have done it for decades. We will create a custom maintenance plan to ensure that all your landscape’s needs are addressed properly. By allowing us to maintain your landscape, we can help you avoid costly maintenance costs and ensure the vibrant look of your landscape. Among other tasks, our crews can maintain your turf, shrubs, trees, and other landscape features such as hardscapes (pools, decks, patios, and the like). Additionally, we can perform other landscape maintenance tasks such pruning and trimming, mowing, aeration, lawn fertilization, seasonal cleanups, tree-pest and -disease control, mulching, and tree removal.
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Hardscapes serve as perfect complements to softscapes and offer added functionality and appeal to any landscaped property. In the hands of professional hardscapers like us, your desired pieces will be built according to your specifications and with only the best materials available. At Thrasher Landscape, Inc., we have created some extraordinary hardscape structures for clients in Bloomington, Ellettsville, and nearby cities. We use only top-quality materials when creating hardscapes for our clients to ensure that they will enjoy the benefits for decades to come. Specifically, we offer design, installation and maintenance services for patios, decks, sidewalks, walkways, retaining walls, planters, sitting walls, garden steps and more. Our company has all the qualifications to work on various projects and with us, you are guaranteed of quality workmanship and exquisitely designed amenities. Our past clients praise us for the unique hardscaping setups that we have created for them. You, too, can have your dream home, backyard and garden by hiring our services today.
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The only way you can ensure the sustainability of your landscape is by having a resilient and durable hardscape. A wide range of materials, including bricks, pavers, concrete blocks and natural stones are used in landscaping projects, for the design and installation of retaining walls, driveways, patios, walkways, sidewalks and other structures. We at Thrasher Landscape, Inc., provide clients with high-quality customized paver solutions based on their specific requirements. We have the expertise to create superb designs and patterns in your property's outdoor spaces. We handle projects of all shapes and sizes, offering our clients excellent value for money in every paving job that we take up. When you select suitable pavers and hire skilled hardscapers like us for the installation, you can be sure that the final product will be outstanding.
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Paver Patios

Have you ever imagined yourself having a beautifully structured patio, where you could sit and enjoy a cold beverage during the hot summer days? Or where you could spend a lovely evening surrounded by your family and friends, with everyone being able to smell the sweet perfume of the blooming flowers? We can offer you this kind of experiences, and with our professional team working on your patio design and installation, it will be transformed into a gorgeous outdoor oasis with stylish pieces made to embrace the elements. We also won’t overlook the placing of your fire pit if you desire one, as we can incorporate any hardscape or outdoor living piece you want into the patio design and plan. You can be assured that we will build your patio with the most durable, weather-resistant and beautiful pavers, that will last a long time, with the least amount of maintenance. Read more about Paver Patios »

Paver Driveways

The driveway is one of the most prominent features of this space and its appearance can make or break the curb appeal of your property. Our unique paver driveway installations have enhanced the appearance of thousands of properties and the fact that we go the extra mile to customize these features is what sets us apart from other paver driveway companies in the region. Our competent and experienced hardscaping professionals collaborate directly with you to ensure that your driveway layout, designs, and pattern reflect your vision and ideas. They will use time-tested products for these surfaces and guarantee a dependable and quick completion of your job. We are a fully licensed, bonded and insured company, ensuring every project is completed to industry standards.
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Paver Walkways

The addition of a walkway will allow you to connect your patio or driveway to different areas of the landscape. While seemingly minor, your walkway design can actually impact the overall aesthetics of your yard or garden, so choosing the right design and materials will add style to your landscape. Pavers are the ideal products for these settings, as you can opt for a combination of different shapes and sizes to create stunning customized designs and patterns. Whether you want basic from-here-to-there walkways, curved, or meandering, you can expect superior quality results from us. To ensure that you will have durable and functional structures in your property,you should only rely on experienced contractors. We will complete the entire project systematically and within your budget. On-site supervisors will see to it that your project is on schedule. When you get in touch with a reputed company like us, we will provide you with an upfront quote with no hidden charges involved.
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Retaining Walls

We also specialize in the installation of retaining walls that will add both beauty and functionality to your landscape. Our team of experienced contractors can design and build retaining walls to address different goals. Besides adding resilience, you can use retaining walls to create distinctive designs that set your property apart from others. They are the perfect feature to accent a lawn, add beauty to your driveway or walkway. Some clients prefer dual-function settings; in such cases, we construct specially designed seating walls along patios, decks and pool decks. We know what it takes to create a wall that adds focal points and definition to your overall landscape design. Our team of highly skilled and knowledgeable experts will provide you with all detailed information on the various types of material and design possibilities.
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As part of our landscaping services, we develop and install drainage systems, a crucial aspect of the entire project. In addition, we serve customers who require adjustments or additions to their drainage systems, and our well-planned solutions assure that we will eliminate the issue of standing water. Because each landscape is distinct, we tailor the drainage plans to each environment. We design and install, among other types, trench drains, zone drains, and French drains. Because we create the stormwater and garden drainage systems for your environment, it helps eliminate challenges such as rainwater pooling and floods, keeping your outdoor spaces in better shape. We use the highest-quality materials and have skilled and experienced specialists who can easily handle even the most challenging drainage installation projects. You will receive budget-friendly, high-quality drainage installations. Our team collaborates with you to provide complete satisfaction with the completed landscape drainage features.
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As part of our commercial and residential fertilization services, we develop individualized plans to ensure the health of your landscape. Better-health plants and lawns are much more resistant to insect attacks and live longer. In addition, they are resistant to bugs and fungi. When designing landscape fertilization plans, landscapers consider various elements, including the varieties of grasses, the type of soil, and the local climate. This strategy contributes to preserving a robust, healthy, and appealing landscape. We use several natural organic meals and weed management products in combination with scheduled fertilizer applications for the best results. The timing and duration of these treatments are crucial for your planting's long-term health. When you approach us, we will inspect your property to determine the types of grasses, plants, trees, and shrubs and develop a tailored fertilization strategy. We use the best fertilizers, so your plants and trees get the nourishment they need to keep them healthy and looking great.
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Weed Control

Many homeowners find weed prevention a significant challenge when maintaining their landscapes or yards. It happens because the spores of these invasive plants disperse rapidly via the air and settle in several garden locations. Eventually, people realize weeds have overrun their gardens, flower beds, and other open areas. We will take care of your requirements and ensure that your outdoor spaces are weed-free. Our company uses the best products in line with industry standards. Most clients typically choose our landscape care packages that include weed control. Experience has shown us that prompt action helps avoid the development of weeds in your surroundings. Using time-tested weed control products is an efficient way to maintain weed-free, thriving lawn and garden beds. The benefits of our proven solutions can last for approximately six months if landscape excavation, pets, or children do not disturb the treated regions. Our specialists will reply promptly when you call and visit your property to evaluate the landscape and provide the best options.
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