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Our Reviews

My experience with Thrasher has been exceptional. Having hired them to mow this season has truly been a blessing! They are reliable & dependable, coming each & every week without fail. The cost for this service has been reasonable & fair. Both staff & crew are always courteous. Office manager, Summer, is very pleasant, easy to work with & quick to respond to my questions & needs. I am looking forward to having Thrasher plow my driveway this coming winter!

Bobby and his team did an amazing job for us! From the initial meeting, throughout the project, to the final deliverable, the team was helpful and knowledgeable. Bobby was great with explaining details that we had not thought about, Brad and Dennis were thorough in their work, and Summer at the office answered a lot of our questions. Great team, great product! Would definitely recommend Thrasher.

We've used Bobby's company off and on for a few years now, and now we use them exclusively. They leave your house and landscaping looking like a professional real estate photo! Bobby's employees always deliver more than promised, something I wish others we've used did.

Thrasher Landscape did a great job! I contracted them to dig trenches to replace and repair six drains around the house for water run off, and regrade with many yards of dirt around the entire house due to erosion, then put down grass seed, straw and fertilizer. They completed the job much better than I expected and they came back three separate times to put additional grass seed and dirt down to ensure the grass grew everywhere. I am very satisfied with the work Thrasher Landscaping did and the price was very fair. Outstanding service! I will definitely recommend them!

We service Bloomington, Indiana.